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Why you Need a Content Calendar

Need another scenario? Here you go.

A mountain of work rests in front of you, and you jump from one project to the next, distractions at every corner. Maybe a deadline has moved up or an important client is lost among the masses. Deadline day approaches and you suddenly realise you’ve…

The goal of the narrative hook is simple: get the reader to keep reading. This literary device is used to tease them with a question or a hint of what’s to come, forcing them to ask questions and seek answers in the coming pages.

It’s an opportunity to make the right first impression because readers rarely allow for a second.

If your hook is dull or cliché, you will lose the grasp you had on the reader, the initial spark that prompted them to pick up your book in the first place.

Shiny new books hit shelves every day and…

Editing is a daunting, overwhelmingly complicated process, one that many authors like to put on the backburner. But there are ways to approach the process, using two documents: your outline and a revision map.

A revision map is a document in which you list the bigger picture problem areas of your novel, before getting into the nitty-gritty issues. Read through your outline, find the issues that need to be addressed, and list them in your revision map under specific headings.

If you’re a ‘pantser’ and don’t have an outline on-hand, create one before your first round of edits. If like…

Info dumping is a common problem for novice and seasoned writers alike and involves dropping a heap of information in the reader’s lap, resulting in a paragraph, scene, or even chapter of prose that halts the story.

It’s an understandable literary sin, given that there are instances where you need to convey to the reader valuable, necessary information, but it’s one that will be immediately recognised by the reader.

An onslaught of information will be an interruption to the flow of your story, pulling the reader from the current of your narrative, halting the tension and emotion it was invoking…

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